The Dermaroller experience

Wigmore News Editor, Arda Eghiayan, takes the microneedling plunge after an eight year hiatus to discover how the treatment has improved

The last time I was a model for microneedling, around eight years ago, it was quite a messy affair, with a need for a numbing cream administered at least half an hour in advance so that I would not feel the, admittedly short, needles breaking the skin on my face. A couple of days of looking like beetroot followed before giving way to luminescent skin. Due to the results, it was a procedure that I promised I would have for the next big occasion.

The next big occasion turned out to be a normal Friday, when I was a model for training on the Dermaroller XCellarisPRO TWIST, and this time the whole procedure took barely half an hour, with only the faintest sign of redness on my skin. What a difference the years have made!

The course, led by Nurse Trainers, Chantal and Chanise Francis, takes place regularly at Wigmore Medical's CQC registered training facility, and delegates benefit from hands-on experience learning how microneedling will benefit their patients.

With the XCellarisPRO TWIST there is no need for EMLA or LMX4 as you barely feel the needles as they go across the skin. If you have ever had a HydraFacial treatment, that is the level of discomfort you feel with the procedure—that is, not much—although the tip of the nose, which is what we ended with, was perhaps the most sensitive area. Another major difference is that the hyaluronic acid serum is put on your face before the microneedling, so the PRO TWIST pushes the product into your skin during the puncturing process—getting the regenerative properties into your dermis from the get-go.

As mentioned by the doctor who performed the treatment, the electricity powered machine is quick and comfortable. It took less than five minutes to prick the skin all over my face—with the preparation and after care taking longer.

We started by cleansing my face to take off the SPF I was wearing, before preparation with Clinisept+. Then the XCellarisPRO CIT Hyal serum was applied for the doctor to start the treatment. More CIT Hyal serum was added where necessary. The noise of the machine did remind me of the dentist, but it was over much more quickly and with much less sense of dread. The chubbiness of my cheeks did perhaps reduce the sensation somewhat, and the sound is much quieter once the device is on your skin.

Following the use of the PRO TWIST, the Dermaroller Intense Hydration Mask was put on my face for around 10 minutes, during which time the perforations would have closed. The coolness of the mask reduced the redness, and the massage from the doctor using the mask gave the event a spa-treatment feel. Once the mask was off, the residue removed, some more Clinisept+ was used to clean my face (and my glasses) before the XCellarisPRO CC Cream, a tinted SPF, was put on top and I was ready to leave. Although not before I was briefed on the do’s and don’ts—no sauna, spa, hot showers, exercise for 24 hours. No makeup on the skin for the rest of the day, try not to touch my face (not an easy task), no alcohol, and keep out of the sun for at least three days. Maybe not the best timing after eight years and before the beautiful weekend, but luckily, I had a new sunhat that needed an outing!

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