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Introducing HydroPeptide’s Brightening Body Collection, the solution for a head-to-toe glow…

Every product needs a hero ingredient, and peptides have been powering HydroPeptide’s award-winning skincare formulas for more than 15 years. Partnering with worldclass scientists, chemists and dermatologists, the brand’s clinically proven formulas are at the forefront of industry technology, and, as well as cutting-edge skincare, now encompasses total body renewal with the introduction of The Brightening Body Collection.
Facial skin only makes up 10 per cent of total bodily skin.Although thicker than the face, bodily skin can also experience wrinkles and sagging as we age; it also has fewer sebaceous glands which can result in dryness, and can experience concerns such as stretch marks and cellulite.
Recognising that the body requires the same brightening, age defying support as the face, HydroPeptide has launched a line of body treatments featuring clinically proven peptides, actives and relaxing aromatherapeutic elements to invigorate the senses, along with barrier-supportive antioxidants which amplify and enhance skin’s firmness, moisture balance and luminosity.

Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash
Retail and professional
This glow-inducing body wash rejuvenates skin’s elasticity, deeply nourishes, and stimulates the senses with restorative notes of bergamot, mint, ginger, and lavender. A unique blend of clinically proven ingredients includes shikimic acid, a gentle yet highly effective chemical exfoliant that boasts 10 times the biological activity of glycolic acid, and niacinamide, which promotes even melanin distribution. Brightening and moisturising complexes illuminate and balance the complexion, infuse deep hydration and improve skin barrier functionality, complemented by stimulating,tightening, and cellulite-diminishing caffeine.

LumiFirm Radiant Tightening Lotion
Retail and professional
This luxurious yet powerful body cream targets and corrects visible signs of ageing all over the body while imparting a healthy, luminous glow. It is enriched with firming coppertransporting peptides, free radical-scavenging extracts to combat environmental stressors, and barrier-repairing biotin and ceramides. The lightweight formula rejuvenates body and mind with notes of bergamot, spearmint, verbena, and green tea, while promoting a visibly firmer, smoother appearance.

Accelerated Renewal Body Mask
Professional only
A regenerative body mask packed with skin-renewing peptides and exfoliating lactic acid to hydrate, improve texture, and nourish skin. This balancing formulation features scientifically proven brightening ingredients including arbutin and niacinamide to boost radiance, diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and produce an overall more vibrant, even tone. The mask accelerates the skin’s natural renewal processes while improving protective barrier functionality, soothing tired skin, and combating visible signs of ageing. To finish, botanical notes of yuzu, heliotrope, vanilla and star anise promote enhanced comfort and wellbeing.

Nourishing Oil Boosters
Professional only
Formulated with a powerful combination of deeply nourishing botanicals, firming peptides and antioxidant-rich extracts, these body oils restore skin’s vibrancy and vitality for a visibly firmer, revitalised appearances. Three different scent profiles—Invigorating Floral, which includes notes of orange, rose, violet and patchouli; Uplifting Sea, which includes notes of rosemary, criste marine, blackcurrant and vetiver, and Restorative Woods, which includes notes of bergamot, mint, ginger and lavender—allow for a customisable experience. Hardworking argireline youth peptide promotes healthy collagen production for increased firmness and elasticity: this is levelled up with a healing botanical complex of green tea, seaweed extract and antioxidant gotu kola for enhanced anti-inflammatory and reparative support.

The Firm & Bright Body Facial
In addition to the new products, the launch of the in-clinic body treatment protocol paired with a two-step at-home care regime, maximises your client's experience while boosting your business. This innovative 'facial' for the body allows patients to experience the same superior age-defying results as the signature facial protocols. Treatment time is 60-90 minutes, and either shower or
steamed towel removal can be offered.

A multitude of benefits include:
  • Advanced brightening and texture refinement
  • Visible lifting, sculpting & firming
  • Enhanced skin barrier function
  • Increased moisture retention and radiance
  • Elevated massage and sculpting techniques
  • Invigorating sensorial experience
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