Interview with Sally Wheeler

Wigmore News catches up with Sally to establish how the ZO Skin Health range plays its part in delivering optimum results for patients

What’s your favourite aesthetic treatment to perform and why?
For me, it isn’t about one particular treatment, but it is about creating balance to the whole face and addressing each layer. There is no point in creating the most beautiful lips, if there is heaviness to the lower face, the chin is set back, or
if their skin is in poor condition. It is about providing balance to the whole face, that is where the true beauty lies. For the best results, its often about combining treatments and addressing each area of the face.
I love the reactions from my patients, the results are so natural that nobody would even know. I find it incredibly rewarding when my patient tell me they have received compliments that they look healthy and look really well, as that is the look that I am setting out to achieve.

What is your signature approach when it comes to treating your patients?
From the moment a patient walks into my clinic room I immediately start assessing their whole face and their skin. In every consultation, I start my introduction by explaining that I specialise in skin and that
I have a full-face approach to maintain balance and harmony. I am passionate about creating natural results and it makes me incredibly happy that patients book in with me because that is what is important to them. I spend a lot of time with my patients in their consultations, I want to truly understand what their concerns are, and I want to discuss treatment options in detail. It is important to me that my patients feel valued and listened to.
A good consultation is key.
I truly believe that aesthetics should start with healthy skin. In most cases, if your skin is healthy then you will look healthy and fresh without even having any injectables. Healthy skin also enhances the results of injectables, and you can gain longer lasting results.
I treat a lot of patients with skin conditions, and it has been hugely important to me to have a holistic approach. I have studied extensively and offer more information to my patients than just skincare alone and will discuss the importance of gut health, diet, lifestyle and hormone balance.

Why do you use ZO Skin Health products?
Ever since being a teenager I have suffered with nodulocystic acne. The only time I remember ever have clear skin as an adult was when I was pregnant. About six months after having my second child my acne came back with a vengeance. Like most of our patients, I thought I had tried everything, from antibiotics, shop bought, dermatological and medical grade skin care, chemical peels, prescriptive creams alone and all the other treatments that suggest they treat acne. I have even been on isotretinoin and although my acne was less severe it still remained.
After a few months of working in aesthetics I wanted to start learning about skin and provide medical grade skincare to my patients. I trained in a couple of brands of medical grade skincare, used them myself and started treating people, but I soon stopped as I thought how can I treat their skin whilst I was still suffering with acne myself? I just didn’t believe in the products, and I felt like a fraud. That’s when my mentor, Dr Rikin Parekh, recommended ZO Skin Health. I then trained in ZO Skin Health and started using the products myself.

"You can have all the toxins and fillers, but if your skin is not healthy, then you will not achieve a rejuvenated look"

When I started ZO Skin Health my skin dramatically improved. I now have clear and healthy skin, and receive compliments on a daily basis in my clinic. I truly believe that my personal experience of having problematic skin has really helped me with treating patients’ skin. I hugely empathise with my patients, I understand how it feels, I understand the insecurities and the frustrations, but I also understand the process and commitment needed to achieve healthy skin. I made it my mission to understand the products, how to get the best from them and most importantly, how to achieve the results.

Who does the range suit best and why?
ZO Skin Heath products are suitable for everyone. However, in my honest opinion, I think it is best suited to patients with
moderate to severe skin conditions. In my experience, these groups of patients tend to have tried multiple treatments and/or products with a failed outcome before coming to see me in clinic. I find these same groups of patients, with my support and guidance, are more likely to commit and value the ZO Skin Health products.

Which are my must have products and why?
I never just sell one or two products alone. To gain results it really is about protocols, the skin is far too complex for just one or two products. However, the toning pads are an absolute must.
It is incredible how much oil and breakouts are reduced by these products alone. In clinic, I can tell straight away if patients haven’t been using their pads as per their treatment plan; their skin loses its glow, and you can see the congestion and oils building up. It is incredible what a difference the pads achieve. If the oils are controlled, then you can get treatment failure. So, in my opinion these are essential.
But, my favourite combination is using the exfoliation accelerator with the wrinkle and texture repair together. I rarely sell them alone. This is a powerful combination and turbo boosts results.

Do you use ZO personally? Which products?
Yes absolutely. Every time I try a different brand I quickly start to break out. I would never trust other products.
I use the exfoliating cleanser, dual action scrub, oil control pads, daily power defense, exfoliation accelerator, wrinkle and texture repair, enzymatic peel and more recently have started using Brightalive.

How does ZO complement the aesthetic treatments you offer?
The first thing you should see when looking at someone should be their eyes. However, we are little scanners and if skin is lacking in collagen, if it has uneven texture, if there are deep lines and wrinkles, if there is pigmentation, redness or acne, you will be distracted away from the eyes. Skin is so important, and in my opinion, skin is the start of any treatment plan. You can have all the toxins and fillers in the world, but if your skin is not healthy, then you will not achieve a healthy and rejuvenated look.
Most patients that come to me asking for anti-wrinkle treatments, already have static lines. It is so important to explain the limits of what botulinum toxin can achieve and I explain the importance of combining this treatment with medical grade skincare; to repair the damage, to boost fibroblast activity and to protect the skin from future damage. Similarly, lip filler will not achieve its true beauty if it is sitting amongst textured skin with lines or acne.

What do you enjoy most about working in aesthetics?
There is not much that I don’t enjoy about working in aesthetics. I love performing the treatments, the mix between artistry and
science. I love running my own business, the networking and friendships that I have developed. But I think most of all, I have always loved specialising and medical aesthetics is a vast field with never-ending education and support. There are so many areas within the industry, but I have been able to really focus on the areas that I love, become an expert in them and then provide those services to my patients. It is incredible rewarding seeing my patients’ confidence grow and well-being improve based on the knowledge and treatments that I have provided.

What do you think are the industry trends to watch?
I see a massive shift in aesthetics; healthy skin is becoming more and more important. Polynucleotides seems to be an increasing trend in the industry. The importance isn’t just about boosting fibroblast activity and boosting hyaluronic acid anymore, it is DNA repair and regenerative treatments.

What are the future plans for you and your practice?
As I have a huge interest in skin, I am currently studying a masters in dermatology. I am really focused on bringing as much science to my clinic as possible and to provide the best service to my patients. I have a few plans up my sleeve!

Sally Wheeler is an independent nurse prescriber, and teacher of aesthetics. Her clinic, Aesthetics by Sally is based in Caterham, Surrey.
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