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About the Course

Wigmore Medical has partnered with Dr Rita Poddar, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon from the Peppermint Clinic in Glasgow, to offer an introductory PDO Threads training course, designed to ease aesthetic practitioners into this new treatment area.

The comprehensive half day training programme will cover the theory of threads, including essential anatomical knowledge and best practice and techniques, as well as hands-on practice using the most straightforward and effective threads on the market.

Dr Poddar has 22 years’ experience in aesthetics, has been working with PDO threads for over 10 years and has over 4000 PDO patient treatments under her belt with a wealth of knowledge she is keen to share.
This course is ideal for experienced injectors who are new to threadlifting and are looking to acquire the foundation knowledge and basic hands-on practice, and expand their clinic’s treatment portfolio.

What will this course cover?
This foundation level threads course will focus specifically on the use of basic (aka mono) and screw threads in the mid, lower and peri-oral areas. It has been carefully designed to give delegates an in-depth understanding why there are different types and lengths of threads and what to use where to optimise skin rejuvenation and definition.

The ninety-minute educational presentation will cover:

  • Patient assessment – managing expectations and realistic results
  • Anatomy in relation to thread indications
  • Best practice and techniques
  • Complication avoidance and management
  • Post treatment management
The trainer will demonstrate on a live treatment model, covering appropriate thread selection and insertion techniques, after which each delegate will be able to practice the basic techniques on their own model and under guided supervision from the trainer.

The half day training session will be limited to a maximum of four delegates for optimum trainer-delegate attention, and the facial areas and indications to be covered include:

+ Mid & lower face, including:-
  • Lips vermillion and Philtrum
  • Smile lines
  • Cheeks
  • Malar groove
  • Tear trough
  • Neck
+ Peri oral enhancement (to treat smokers bar code lines) and dermal neocollagenesis

Wigmore Medical will make every effort to source a demonstration model that requires treatment on at least three of the above listed indications.

In collaboration with Croma Pharma, this training uses the Princess threads range, with a particular focus on the basic mono threads for rejuvenating and supporting the skin. Post training support will be available, as well as additional training opportunities for those looking to further advance their knowledge and experience with threads.
Key Learning Objectives
  • Gain a thorough understanding of PDO threads and how they work
  • Learn the history and development of threads
  • Recognise key indications and contraindications for threads
  • Develop patient assessment and managing expectations
  • How to select the most suitable thread type and products
  • Learn best practice and techniques for the most common indications
  • How to assess anatomical zones and structures
  • Master complication avoidance and management
  • Understand post treatment management
Who can attend this training?
This training is suitable for doctors, dentists, dental surgeons or nurses that are registered with either the GMC, GDC or NMC. Non-UK based medical prescribers will be considered if they are able to provide proof of equivalent medical registration in their countries of origin.

How will you be assessed?
Delegates must pass the theory training Q&A assessment with at least a 75% pass mark before commencing the practical session.

During the practical session, the trainer will be assessing the delegate’s competency and skill with regards to:
  • Model consultation
  • Assessing their facial anatomy
  • Selection of insertion points
  • Adequate sterilisation
  • Safety & efficacy of procedure
Anyone not meeting these standards will be asked to re-train or will simply not be certified in this treatment, depending on the level of incompetency.

NB: This foundation threads course is not CPD certified, as PDO Threads now fall under the category of types of aesthetic treatments that are not eligible for certification. Delegates will still receive a training certificate confirming attendance. 

Your treatment model
Each delegate is required to bring their own model, and a quick video consultation will be arranged so that the trainer can assess their suitability for the treatment.  

Once you have booked onto an upcoming training date, please email the below details of your treatment model to,

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location (e.g. City/Town)
  • Images of Face – Front & Profile
If approved, your model will then be sent a confirmation email with further details including their allocated time slot and digital consent form.

Why should you attend this training?
This foundation threads course offers a comprehensive introduction to the most straight forward PDO treatments that will enhance your aesthetic offering.

Ideal for:
  • Those new to using PDO threads
  • Those wanting a refresher in a relaxed peer to peer environment
Dr Poddar is a very experienced practitioner and professional trainer, with a passion for threads, and her immense skill and knowledge will ensure attending delegates leave feeling well informed and confident to undertake these treatments in their daily aesthetics clinical practice.

Course Dates

Meet the Trainer


Dr Rita Poddar

Threads Trainer

Dr Rita Poddar is a dental surgeon in Scotland with 20 plus years of facial aesthetic experience and approximately 9 years ago developed a special interest in suture suspension non-surgical facelifts. She was trained by Dr Bob Khanna and realised that the use of PDO sutures placed strategically in the face, jawline, nose and neck could create a natural looking lift without the patient needing to go under the knife with a plastic surgeon or maxillo-facial surgeon in the correctly selected patients cases. In 2020 she was approached by an aesthetic pharmaceutical company, who manufactured their own PDO sutures for facial threadlifting. They asked if she would be able to provide teaching in her PDO threadlifting procedures in 2020 to other medical, dental and nursing colleagues on their behalf. She developed training slides and a teaching format for Croma Pharma. She is still teaching this training course all over the UK. She also provides PDO threadlift training for La Belle Forme, Glasgow Day Surgery. This course is accredited and CPD approved.

She has taught over 300 delegates all around the UK, which included doctors, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, dental surgeons and nurses on my PDO threadlift techniques in the last four years and she has performed thousands of her own threadlifting cases over the last 9 years. 

Course Agenda

DateTime  25 Jun 2024   |   User  Dr Rita Poddar

  • 09:00   |   Registration and introductions
  • 09:10   |   History of PDO, patient assessment, treatment of facial areas and neck, complication avoidance and management and post treatment management
  • 09:40   |   Trainer demonstration
  • 10:10   |   Practical session for delegates
  • 12:50   |   Post Training Quiz / Q&A
  • 13:00   |   Close

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