Dermoscopy for Cosmetic Practice

Hosted by Dr Tatyana Lapa-Enright and Dr Alina Roser

About the Course

Course Summary
Dermoscopy refers to non-invasive, non-painful examination of the skin with the use of dermatoscope. Dermatoscopes use both magnification and either polarised and non-polarased light to provide a detailed view of the outer layer of the skin which are not possible with the naked eye.  Dermascopic images can be saved for further examination, documentation or for an expert opinion.

Many conditions such as rosacea, melasma, photoaging, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, telangiectasia are now routinely treated in aesthetic practices.  All these conditions are characterised by unique dermatoscopic findings. Being able to recognise these finding during simple dermatoscopic examination enables enhanced decision and management planning.

Prior to removal of any skin lesions It is crucial for the practitioner to differentiate between malignant and benign lesions. Recognising a malignant lesion with the naked eye can be extremely challenging. Dermatoscopic examination is a well established, accurate diagnostic tool in differentiating benign skin lesions from non-benign.

Dermoscopy is fast, accurate, evidence-based and can enhance aesthetic practice.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Principles of dermoscopy
  • Examination of skin and skin leasions under dermotoscope
  • Learn to differentiate benign skin lesions from non-benign
  • Documentation of dermoscopy examination in medical notes
  • How to integrate dermoscopy in cosmetic consultation

What facial areas/indications to be treated
Examination of skin lesions - Any area

Why should you attend this training
There are currently no other courses in the UK that teach dermoscopy examination tailored specifically to cosmetic practice.

Target audience
Registered Medics Only (i.e. Doctors, Dentists and Nurses)

Course Dates

Meet the Trainer


Dr Tatyana Lapa-Enright

Dermoscopy trainer

Dr Tatyana Lapa-Enright is an experienced Doctor and founder of Hardwick Medical Clinic, Cambridge. She trained at Norwich Medical School with clinical teaching experience at UEA Norwich and undertook research at the University of Cambridge. Her areas of expertise are in aesthetic dermatology for the treatment of skin imperfections and signs of ageing. She is a skilled and experienced injector known for delivering bespoke patient care with natural results. Tatyana has experience in both primary care and in secondary care mental health services.


Dr Alina Roser

Dermoscopy trainer

Dr Alina Roser has a long-standing career as a clinical educator and senior clinical lecturer. Initially, she graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry. She also holds an MSc from the University of Cambridge where she graduated with distinction and went on to pioneer cutting edge research in genomic medicine. Alina is a GP with a specialist interest in minor surgery and dermatology. Her special interest includes treatments of vascular lesions including spider veins on the face and body.

Course Agenda

DateTime  26 Sep 2024   |   User  Dr Tatyana Lapa-Enright   |   User  Dr Alina Roser

  • 10:00   |   Welcome & Registration
  • 10:05   |   Anatomy of the skin and general principles of dermoscopy
  • 11:05   |   Group discussion
  • 11:20   |   Tea & Coffee Break
  • 11:35   |   Common Skin conditions—Part 1
  • 12:35   |   Lunch break
  • 13:35   |   Common Skin conditions—Part 2
  • 14:35   |   Demonstration and explanation of the equipment
  • 15:05   |   Practical exercise with the dermatoscope
  • 15:35   |   Tea & Coffee Break
  • 15:50   |   Clinical cases—Group Discussion
  • 17:00   |   Close

Additional Details

  • CPD points: 7

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Course Summary

Dermoscopy for Cosmetic Practice

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DateTime  Dr Alina Roser
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CPD points:  7
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