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The true pioneers of microneedling, Dermaroller have stayed at the forefront of innovation in medical technology in the past twenty years. Powered by the latest scientific advances, the brand offers a complete skincare concept, including therapeutic solutions for the treatment room and at home. All Dermaroller products are manufactured in Germany, offering unparalled quality and consistency of every treatment.

Clinical Proof

Collagen induction on therapy uses the skin’s natural repair mechanism. Creating micropunctures in the skin enables a wound healing cascade with the release of thrombocytes, erythrocytes, growth signals and factors. The process of control controlled trauma triggers the synthesis of elastin, collagen III, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans. The needles also breakdown hardened scar strands and allow tissue to revascularise. Dermaroller’s proprietary needle design allows skin to close quickly, stimulating its repair mechanism without damage to the epidermis. Microneedling is safe and effective treatment for all types of scars, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.

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First to market, second to none – Dermaroller products and therapeutic solutions deliver clinically-proven results in the treatment of scars, texture damage, hair loss and pigmentation disorders.


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Lunch & Learn with The Pioneers of Microneedling Technology

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Microneedling Theory
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Faye Aston

Join the pioneers of microneedling therapy for an educational session that delves deep into the theory and scientific background of collagen induction therapy. In this webinar you will learn about the benefits of microneedling in treating both cosmetic and medical concerns, and how building advanced treatment protocols will help you to achieve superior patient outcomes.

DateTime Tuesday 6th June, 12pm-1pm
XCellarisPRO TWIST & Product Line
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Faye Aston

Discover the science behind the XCellarisPro TWIST - the latest innovation from Dermaroller, and why upgrading your microneedling tech is better for your patients and your bottom line.

DateTime Tuesday 6th June, 13:30 - 14:30pm

Meet the trainer


Faye Aston

Faye Aston has been working in the aesthetic industry for over 15 years in various roles, including Aesthetician, Practice Manager and National Training Manager for UK's leading dermatology clinics. She has an extensive experience with Dermaroller devices and skincare lines and has been offering advanced treatments for more than 10 years.


“LXCellarisPro TWIST is the cutting edge in accessible, uncompromising skin magic”

Dr Lauren Jamieson

“LXCellarisPro TWIST is the cutting edge in accessible, uncompromising skin magic”

Dr Lauren Jamieson
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