Industry Partners

We work closely with industry partners to enrich your educational journey

Croma Pharma UK

Croma-Pharma GmbH is an Austrian family-owned company based in Leobendorf, north of Vienna. The company specialises in the industrial production of hyaluronic acid syringes and is one of the world’s leading experts in this field. Having recently established its own London-based affiliate, Croma Pharma UK has caught the attention of the UK aesthetic market with its minimally invasive product portfolio. The company boasts saypha HA fillers, PDO lifting threads, a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) system in cooperation with Arthrex, as well as two scientifically backed skincare systems. Croma aims to provide the best product quality to its customers, while also supporting them to grow their business. Croma is currently in partnership with Wigmore Medical to deliver high quality training in PRP and threads.

DH Aesthetic Training

Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training has evolved as the world of Aesthetic Medicine has grown, in order to provide in depth courses, designed to help medical professionals enhance and refresh their knowledge of specific anatomical areas and develop their practical skills in all aspects of practice. DH Aesthetic Training’s mission is to provide an independent extensive portfolio of CPD verified, aesthetic training courses to equip aesthetic medical practitioners with a comprehensive skillset to practice safely in keeping with modern evidence based practice. The DH Aesthetic team want to provide practitioners with the most up to date training and with the most up to date hands on methods of teaching. Founder, Mr Dalvi Humzah, is also the lead trainer at Wigmore Medical Training, a partnership that has resulted in an array of excellent training opportunities for Wigmore’s customers.


InMode is leading the aesthetic and cosmetic surgical industries through the next wave of innovation by developing new platforms based on its portfolio of proprietary and patented technologies. Their minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are clinically proven to reduce treatment time, recovery time and deliver real results so people can live their best lives. Customers know that InMode will continue developing high-quality, safe, and effective products that provide superior satisfaction for both the patient and the practice. InMode’s emphasis on safety and efficacy has resulted in hundreds of satisfied practitioners and patients around the world. InMode is currently in partnership with Wigmore Medical to deliver high quality training in Facetite, their revolutionary treatment for radiofrequency skin tightening.

Merz Aesthetics

Since creating one of the world’s first anti-wrinkle creams in 1953, Merz has been a driver of innovation in the fast-evolving field of aesthetic medicine. Merz is active in research, development and distribution of innovative products in the areas of aesthetic medicine and dermatology as well as in the field of neurologically induced movement disorders. As a division of the Merz Pharma Group, Merz Aesthetics is one of the world’s leading aesthetics companies. Their products are used by healthcare professionals in more than 90 countries. Merz offer a wide portfolio of minimally invasive aesthetics treatments as well as a unique range of customer services and professional training.


TEOXANE is dedicated to designing and manufacturing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and skincare products, applying industry-leading expertise and high-quality standards. Building on a firm commitment to innovation and patient satisfaction, they have strengthened their presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. TEOXANE is now confirmed as a major player in aesthetic medicine and skincare, offering effective solutions to practitioners worldwide, helping women and men who want to look and feel their best at all times and help them maintain their beauty in the future. The company operates with a partnership mind-set–helping customers grow their business is their commitment–and they offer excellent service through education and a culture of excellence and passion. TEOXANE provides specialist dermal filler education, often delivered in Wigmore Medical’s training facility.


Laboratoires VIVACY is a French manufacturer specialising in the development, production and distribution of injectable hyaluronic acid-based medical devices for Aesthetic and Anti-ageing Medicine. Since its opening in 2007, Laboratoires VIVACY has become a major player on the Medical Aesthetics market, exporting its technological know-how to more than 80 countries around the world. VIVACY’s product portfolio includes three main brands: STYLAGE® dermal fillers, DESIRIAL® injectable intimate gels and VIVACY BEAUTY dermo-cosmetics. Vivacy UK is currently in partnership with Wigmore Medical to deliver high quality training in the use of their innovative STYLAGE dermal filler range.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health offers cutting-edge products and therapeutic treatments to provide the best results-oriented solutions. The ZO team takes pride in developing innovative skincare solutions that optimise skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations. Focusing on strengthening the patient-physician relationship, ZO provides comprehensive skincare protocols for in-office treatments and beyond. This brand creates a continuum between therapeutic treatments and daily care to advance their belief that skin health should be backed by science, rather than by trends. ZO Skin Health have been a longstanding partnership with Wigmore Medical, the sole distributor and ZO training providers in the UK.

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