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Sara Cheeney discusses why industry-standard skincare brands like ZO Skin Health are the other half of every aesthetic clinic

After 14 years in the aesthetics industry, running an awardwinning clinic and working as a KOL and trainer for brands like ZO Skin Health, it’s safe to say I’ve built up quite a network of industry contacts.

As clinic doors were forced to shut, I received an ever-increasing number of calls from those struggling to keep their business going through lockdown. Giving out free advice on a day-to-day basis, I quickly realised how rewarding I found it helping others with their aesthetic businesses and so Clinic Success was born as an official aesthetic coaching business.

A strong skincare presence
One of the first tips as an aesthetic coach that I continue to share even beyond the pandemic is the need for a strong skincare presence in clinic. An industry-leading skincare brand like ZO Skin Health is without doubt a recipe for super success, even more so when used alongside treatments. It partners everything we do and stand for as practitioners, which is exactly why I personally have had so much success with ZO Skin Health skincare lines within my clinic at Pure Perfection.

Now, as a leading trainer for ZO Skin Health in the UK, I can honestly say that investing in ZO remains the smartest business move I have made. As a medical professional we should always look at a holistic approach to skincare, and this starts with the patient’s skin quality and achieving healthy skin for life.

If the skin is damaged, we must first seek to achieve a healthy base that we can then build-on, providing treatments that help to achieve a patient’s skin goals. Having a high-quality skincare brand like ZO incorporated as a part of this journey is crucial. Allowing a patient to use inferior products at home will simply spoil any efforts you as the practitioner are making in-clinic, providing lessened treatment results overall.

Adapting to adversity
If the pandemic has taught us anything in this industry it’s that we have to be adaptable and able to generate income when the clinic doors are shut. A reliable skincare brand like ZO helps to provide a consistent income stream to your business. It only requires consultation time, and Wigmore Medical can ship products directly to your patients.

The products simply being present in a patient’s bathroom reminds them to contact the clinic to re-purchase them. Once they are back in touch, you have the opportunity to discuss current skincare concerns and incorporate new products into their regime—so the cycle continues.

ZO Skin Health is the top medical skincare brand across Europe, so it goes without saying that it is a powerful investment for your clinic success. ZO provides comprehensive solutions for creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type.

Sara Cheeney will be speaking on the multimodal approach to treating melasma, acne, and rosacea at the ZO Symposium at FACE Conference on June 18th at 3:30pm alongside Dr Zein Obagi. For further details see

Clinic Success
My coaching business exists simply to help clinic owners tackle business disorganisation and create a clear, actionable plan to achieving their goals. Clinic Success gives you a structured and supported method for tackling the biggest problems in your business, and as a third-party to your business, I’m able to come in and see a clear view of what’s before me and so provide unbiased opinions and plans for achieving a brighter future.

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