Botulinum Toxins

Hosted by Bryan Long

About the Course

This introductory training course will give you a unique opportunity to quickly grasp the basics of botulinum toxins for facial aesthetics. With no more than 4 delegates per session and led by leading experts in their fields, this course will provide you with the required knowledge and practical skills to start offering toxins safely and effectively in your clinic. With the theoretical component to be completed on our online learning management system prior to the practical training, you will be able to learn the theory at your own pace and then attend a half day of practical training.

What will this course cover?

  • History and pharmacology of botulinum toxins
  • Patient assessment and administration
  • Complication avoidance and management
  • On-label treatment of facial areas
  • Post treatment management

What areas will the training cover?

During the programme you will gain experience injecting the following areas:

  • Glabella - Between the eyes
  • The Forehead
  • Peri-orbital (Crows' feet)

Who can attend this training?

This training is suitable for doctors, dentists or nurses that are registered with either the GMC, GDC or NMC. Please note that nurses who are not prescribers will need to work with a prescriber in a UK based clinic, to be eligible for this training. Non UK based medical prescribers will be considered if they are able to provide proof of equivalent medical registration in their countries of origin.

Why should you attend?

This introductory toxins training course is ideal for those getting started as an aesthetic medical practitioner, and the blended learning experience will be guided by expert trainers who are also leading aesthetic practitioners. Attending this course will boost your confidence in administering toxins treatments and you will also benefit from practicing with one of our industry's leading toxin brands. To find out what product will be used in this training, please email

Delegates will not only learn all the relevant anatomical, physiological and pharmacological aspects relating to the treatments, but also how to prescribe the products, arrange insurance, market and price the treatments, and other valuable business tips. The practical session will cover how to assess individuals so that you can decide the appropriate treatment for different patients rather than a "one treatment fits all" approach. With each trainee benefiting from a comprehensive hands-on practice session on a model, we ensure that you gain the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to start practicing straight away.

Combined Injectables Training Package

The introductory toxins and fillers training courses are available as separate courses, however if you are just starting out in aesthetics, it is recommended that you register for the Combined Injectables Training Package as it offers a comprehensive learning experience, for both toxins and fillers, at a discounted rate.

Important: All online learning modules must be completed within 3 days of the practical training session, otherwise the delegate will not be able to attend. On arrival, the delegate will be required to take a test to ensure they have an adequate understanding of the theory before beginning their practical training. 

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Course Dates

Meet the Trainer


Bryan Long

Toxins and Fillers Trainer

Dr Bryan Long is an Aesthetic Physician with over 15 years' experience. Having graduated as a Dentist from Trinity College Dublin in 2002, Dr Long developed a keen appreciation for and interest in how age affects the muscles and underlying structures of the face. He has undertaken extensive specialist training in non-invasive facial rejuvenation and has accumulated vast knowledge of facial anatomy as well as the ageing process.

Dr Long is passionate about delivering beautiful and natural looking results to his patients. His field of expertise encompasses advanced botulinum toxin techniques as well as new advanced use of dermal fillers and volumisers to strategically beautify and enhance facial features in an age-appropriate way. Dr Long's unique approach is to combine these advanced, state of the art, non-surgical injectable treatments to achieve optimum skin rejuvenation with outstanding natural looking results.

Dr Long travels between clinics in London and Ireland, while also being actively involved in education. He is the dermal filler trainer at Wigmore Medical, and has trained many practitioners in its use in facial aesthetics treatments.

Course Agenda

DateTime  14 Dec 2023   |   User  Bryan Long

  • 09:00   |   Introductions
  • 09:30   |   Trainer demonstration
  • 10:20   |   Hands-on practice for delegates
  • 13:00   |   Close

Additional Details

  • Maximum class size: 6
  • Delegate qualifications: GMC/GDC/NMC Registration Number (Within EU). Please contact us if you are outside of the EU but have relevant professional qualifications.
  • CPD points: 8

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Course Summary

Botulinum Toxins

DateTime  Bryan Long
DateTime  14 Dec 2023 ,09:00- 13:00   Change Date
CPD points:  8
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Price Tag   £ 1200
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