Profhilo Figura

New multi-active remodelling and toning cream which improves elasticity, tone and deep hydration

Profhilo Figura uses a complex of hyaluronic acids (HA), including a high molecular weight HA to protect skin and maintain the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, and a low molecular weight HA to help keep skin perfectly hydrated due to its hydrophilic properties.It also contains Matrixyl 3000, a combination of two peptides that promote tissue remodelling and help restore the dynamism of cellular function.

Intended use
Profhilo Figura is indicated for toning skin that has lost elasticity and hydration, while improving the visible signs of skin ageing. It also helps to restore skin elasticity and hydration following aesthetic treatments.

A clinical study carried out on 30 patients over the course of 28 days recorded:
• 42% increase in skin moisturisation
• 6% increase in skin elasticity

And patients self evaluation results showed:
• 97% smoother and firmer skin
• 100% moisturised and toned skin

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