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Elevating the standards of body treatments

As the aesthetic industry continues to evolve, practitioners are witnessing a significant shift in demand towards comprehensive body treatments. Embracing this momentum is crucial, especially when considering the heightened interest leading up to spring—a season synonymous with rejuvenation and renewal. Delving deeper into this trend, market research conducted by IBSA Derma reveals an essential insight: skin laxity on the body is not merely a superficial concern but a substantial issue impacting daily life for many.

A new approach
The rise of body treatments is not merely a passing phase; it signifies a transformative approach to holistic aesthetic care. The body, often overshadowed by facial treatments, now demands equal attention. This resurgence aligns with a broader cultural shift towards self-care and body positivity, emphasising the need for advanced solutions like Profhilo Body.

Pioneering treatment
At the forefront of innovation, Profhilo Body emerges as a pioneering injectable treatment explicitly designed for addressing body skin laxity. Targeting key areas such as the brachial region and abdomen, this treatment offers a
comprehensive protocol that seamlessly integrates in-clinic procedures with at home maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal results while promoting greater body care simplicity.

What sets Profhilo Body apart is its intricate formulation. Comprising a hybrid complex of two distinct molecular weights of hyaluronic acid (HA) in high concentration, this treatment promotes multi-level remodelling. The physiological processes of ageing tissue, encompassing reduced skin hydration, alteration of elastic fibers, and collagen degradation, are effectively counteracted. By intervening in dermal tissue repair processes, Profhilo Body rejuvenates and enhances skin laxity, thereby setting a new standard in aesthetic medicine.

The intradermal administration of Profhilo Body further amplifies its efficacy. By delivering an optimal quantity of HA directly to the targeted tissue, it mitigates the cytotoxic effects of free radicals on fibroblasts and adipose compartments. This strategic intervention ensures the efficacy of both preventive and corrective aesthetic treatments, reaffirming Profhilo Body's position as an industry gamechanger.

In conclusion, the growing emphasis on body treatments underscores a paradigm shift within the aesthetic landscape.As practitioners navigate this evolving terrain, integrating innovative solutions like Profhilo Body becomes paramount.With its scientifically backed formulation and proven results, Profhilo Body not only addresses the pressing concerns of skin laxity but also encapsulates the essence of modern aesthetic medicine. As spring approaches, now is the opportune moment to embrace this transformative treatment, setting new benchmarks in comprehensive body care.

Kits and usage
Each Profhilo Body Kit contains 2 boxes of Profhilo Body (2 pre-filled 3 ml syringes), 1 Profhilo Figura Body Patch (box of 4 single use patches) and 1 Profhilo Figura Body Cream (150ml airless bottle).
An initial cycle of two treatment sessions with a 30-day interval is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments.
Profhilo Figura Body Cream, renowned for its multi-active skin remodelling and toning properties, is also now available as a standalone product, suitable for various body areas beyond specific treatment zones. Infused with high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 peptides, it enhances skin tone, elasticity, and hydration while combatting visible signs of ageing. For optimal results, apply the cream daily to maintain skin radiance
and vitality.

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