Leading practitioners love PhilArt

POLYNUCLEOTIDES: Beauty from within , stimulating cell regeneration

Dr Amiee Vyas

There are multiple benefits of combining HA skincare with a number of aesthetic modalities. HA can be paired with polynucleotides, injectable treatments, chemical peels, lasers, energy-based devices, other acids and vitamins to complement results.

Dr Munir Somji

We have combined PhilArt with Arthrex ACP® as a solution for patients with telogen effl uvium or androgenic alopecia. This combination can also be introduced to improve hair quality pre follicle transplant and support growth post surgery.

Professor Syed Haq

PhilArt is an ideal skin prep protocol before a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments ranging from Carbon Dioxide Laser and Carboxy Therapy to Surgery, Needling and Peeling, as well as alongside HA dermal fi llers.
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