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Wigmore Presents is coming back, offering high-quality educational content, with a wide range of sessions covering toxins, fillers, threads, skincare solutions, and combination treatments—and no sponsored lectures. Our esteemed faculty includes highly experienced, internationally renowned speakers as well as future leaders of the aesthetic industry—here are some 2024 highlights:

Spoiled for choice?
Following last year's independent review of the four latest toxins on the market, and by request of delegates, the 2024 session will include Alluzience, Botox, Bocouture, Dysport/Azzalure, Letybo and Nuceiva and rumour has it there may well be an additional toxin by next April.

There will be a review of all the toxins and the nuances in their properties by an unsponsored panel who will independently discuss their own experiences. You may use only one toxin, know it well and get great results—but does one size fit all? Or, should you become equally confident with another toxin to give your patient the best outcome? This will be a two and half hour session with delegate participation.

How is the use of neurotoxins evolving?
American nurse Lesley Fletcher runs training courses on over 60 uses of botulinum toxin—probably overkill—but how are you using it?
Glabella lines and crows feet? How about microtox, platysmal bands, the Nefertiti Lift, or for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, migraines and TMJ? A highly respected panel chaired by Mr Dalvi Humzah will explore the serious clinical possibilities.

Are we using a Ferrari to deliver bread?
There are cutting edge technologies available in our tool kit, but are we guilty of using toxins and fillers because it is what we have always done? This session will be an examination of the alternative possibilities, including current microneedling techniques and using DNA both for diagnosis and treatment.

Choosing the appropriate product for optimum results
The spectrum of treatment modalities in aesthetic medicine is widening. As an aesthetic professional, what benefit could you bring to
your practice and patients, in terms of elevated results, by developing a cohesive understanding of how other regenerative treatments fit beyond conventional dermal fillers? Dr Lauren Jamieson will discuss what to use and when to refer.

Regenerative medicine, an update
Technologies are evolving beyond the standard injectables to deepen the extent to which ageing can be attenuated. Exosome technology,
peptides, epigenetics and polynucleotides are going to be key to the future of practice in aesthetic medicine. Dr Robert King, Dr Neal Kitchen and Dr Sherina Balaratnam will take an in-depth look at thelatest trends.

Threads: theory and practice
A two-hour session aimed at those already using threads, and those considering bringing them into their practice. Types of threads will be explained, from basic smooth to cogged and barbed threads, as well as placement and synergy with fillers.

A well organised conference with excellent lectures—in spite of being an aesthetic doctor for 22 years, I still picked up some good tips!
Dr Jayesh Patel
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