A new partnership with Dermaroller

Wigmore Medical secures minority stake in Dermaroller GmbH's UK subsidiary and clinches exclusive distribution rights for XCellarisPRO

In a strategic business alliance, UK-based aesthetic medicine distributor, Wigmore Medical, has acquired a minority stake in the UK entity of Dermaroller GmbH. A cornerstone of this venture is the exclusive distribution rights for the trailblazing skincare range for professionals, XCellarisPro, and its cutting-edge Microneedling device, XCellarisPro TWIST, in the expansive UK market.

Furthermore, Wigmore Medical will non-exclusively retail Dermaroller's innovative consumer skincare range, ‘New Natural Line’, through its pharmacy and e-commerce platforms in the UK.

"This collaboration transcends mere business interests. It represents an alignment of vision, values, and a mutual acknowledgment of the immense potential of the Dermaroller brand within the UK. Our combined strengths uniquely position us to cater to an audience
that values advanced skincare solutions. The industry acumen of Wigmore Medical, combined with the pioneering products of Dermaroller, forms a powerful amalgamation destined to reshape the UK's aesthetic landscape," remarked Michael Tomerius, CEO and executive Partner of Dermaroller GmbH.

Raffi Eghiayan, Product Development & Marketing Director of Wigmore Medical Ltd, added, "Our association with Dermaroller GmbH aligns with Wigmore Medical's ethos of pushing boundaries in skincare excellence. The UK market is ripe for transformation, and the introduction of XCellarisPro and XCellarisPro TWIST is poised to be a game-changer. This partnership solidifies our commitment to offering our clientele nothing but the best in aesthetic solutions."

Shared vision and mission
Both Wigmore Medical and Dermaroller GmbH share a common ethos—revolutionising skincare by harnessing the synergy of science, innovation, and market insights. Recognising the untapped potential of the Dermaroller brand in the UK, both entities commit to collaborative growth, leveraging each other's strengths, and striving for excellence in delivering state-of-the-art skincaresolutions.

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