Wigmore Presents 2023

We take a look back at some highlights from our second anual event, held at the Royal College of Physicians on the 29th and 30th April

Wigmore Medical Presents featured a roster of internationally renowned speakers over two days of lectures and workshops. Agenda highlights included two full-house seminars by the legendary Dr Zein Obagi and talks on emerging aesthetic trends and technology. Delegates also attended Wigmore Medicals’ Backstage festival at Madame Tussauds to drink, dance, and network the night away with industry peers.

Agenda Highlights—Saturday

“Women in their 40s and 50s will see a hormonal change including collagen deterioration and inflammation” Dr Aamer Khan
Chaired by Dr Tim Flynn and Dr Raj Thethi, a panel including Dr Shahzadi Harper, Dr Aamer Khan, Dr Emma Ravichandran and Dr Vincent Wong took to the stage to discuss specialised dermal filler treatments. Toxin, subdermal and intradermal fillers, threads and biostimulators were cited as solving issues including an ageing decolletage, nasal correction, and hip and buttock contouring. Dr Harper discussed the subject of vaginal rejuvenation and GSM (genitourinary syndrome of menopause), recommending that women should start early and take a proactive approach.

“A good practitioner will build trust in a patient before addressing their lips” Dr Steven Land
Dr Steven Land presented an intimate talk on lips being key to balancing the face. He highlighted the most common filler pitfals including ledges and shelves, an overfilled vermillion border, migration and over projection. Dr Land went on to discuss the industry’s biggest patient safety challenge—the fact that you can learn to inject dermal filler in seven days. “Lots of clients are scared of lips,” he told delegates, “but a good practitioner will build their trust.”

“I believe LED phototherapy is the future of aesthetic medicine”Anna Baker
A highlight was LED and Cosmeceuticals, hosted by Dr Neal Kitchen and Anna Baker. Baker is invested in the technology, telling delegates that low level light energy at defined wavelengths is the future. “LED should deliver a lasting and cumulative effect,” she said, citing Dermalux as her go-to treatment. Dr Kitchen discussed LED with cosmeceutical treatments, sharing that blue light works with AHA’s, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, retinoids and vitamin C, while red light is perfect paired with firming ingredients such as vitamins A and C, niacinamide and peptides.

“Microneedling creates a wound healing cascade that kick starts collagen production” Dr Lauren Jamieson
Just before lunch, delegates were treated to a talk on human energy with microneedling. Known for removing loose and dead skin cells, minimising scarring and promoting radiance, Dr Jamieson also told the audience that the treatment is simple, accessible, inexpensive and well tolerated, and can be combined with other protocols. “There are very few contraindications,” she confirmed, citing XCellarisPRO as her treatment of choice.

“We must always ask the patient what bothers them the most prior to formulating our treatment plan” Dr Timothy Flynn
In the interactive Blind Date session, Dr Tapan Patel and Dr Timothy Flynn took turns independently reviewing an older patient who had never undergone any aesthetic procedures and gave their treatment recommendations. Dr Tapan kicked off the session with his recommendations, but emphasised to the audience that it is important to be mindful of “what will give the maximum benefit to the patient” when deciding on which treatment route to go down. Both parties agreed that a targeted, multimodal approach of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and skin treatments such as a medium-depth chemical peel would give the most harmonious and balanced result. Congratulations go to Jenny O'Neill, one of the many delegates who submitted their treatment plan to our panel, and was declared the winner of £1000 Wigmore credit!

Agenda Highlights—Sunday

“Oily skin can still be dry, as oil is not hydration” Dr Zein Obagi
It was standing room only for Dr Zein Obagi’s session, The journey through skincare— future possibilities and treatments. He started by telling delegates that skin health is the future, and that the solution to ageing skin is regular exfoliation. Dr Obagi shared that oily skin can still be dry as oil does not provide hydration. The audience also learnt why sebum is not good for skin, and that thin skin is excellent for tightening procedures, but there is a risk in going too deep.

“Exosomes play a major role in many cellular processes” Dr Lauren Jamieson
In the fascinating Exosomes - stem cells on steroids? seminar, led by Dr Lauren Jamieson and Dr Robert King, Dr Jamieson told delegates this is the future of aesthetic medicine, with cell-to-cell communication gaining increasing interest. First discovered in 1983 in mammalian cells, she explained that they have a notable ability to target specific cells or tissues and could be exceptional as a therapeutic tool.
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