Meet multi award-winning Clinisoothe+—the wonder product to keep skin in optimum health

We are delighted to announce that we have added Clinisoothe+ to the Wigmore portfolio. Clinisoothe+ is the sister product to Clinisept+, the champion of skin prep and aftercare.

Clinisoothe+ uses the same advanced hypochlorous technology as Clinisept+ but instead of being used before and after a procedure or treatment, is used by clients as part of their daily skincare regime to clean and protect the skin from the exposome and pollutants of daily life—and it delivers incredible, and often life changing, results. In the words of leading London skincare expert Pam Marshall, “If there is one product you need, it’s Clinisoothe+. It is probably the single greatest product I've ever used”.

Clinisoothe+ keeps skin in optimum health as it contains cleansing antimicrobial properties that protect the skin from bacteria and pollutants that often cause breakouts, and it is suitable for those suffering from eczema and rosacea. Already a hit with many celebs and influencers, Clinisoothe+ was recently featured on ITV’s This Morning with leading dermatologist Dr George Moncrief, who said that “everyone should have a bottle of this at home.”

And the great thing about Clinisoothe+ is that your clients do not have to make any change to their skincare regime, other than by adding Clinsoothe+ to it.

Clinisoothe+ is available in two sizes: 100ml spray and 250ml pour bottle. To purchase, email or log into your account at
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