The gamechanger

Ross Walker from Clinisept+ explains why their products are the leading skin preparation range in the aesthetics industry and beyond

The aesthetic sector is enormous and multidimensional with many practitioners using many different products to conduct a hugely diverse range of treatments and procedures. Which makes it all the more remarkable that one product has come to be almost universally adopted across the industry, irrespective of the treatment or procedure being undertaken: Clinisept+.

How did Clinisept+ become such a staple of the aesthetic practitioners’ toolkit?
When Clinisept+ launched in the aesthetic sector in 2017, the concept of a highly effective skin preparation that could also be used as an aftercare was unheard of and counterintuitive. Alcohol, chlorhexidine or iodine-based skin preparations were the norm and were simply seen as a necessary part of the process to protect against infections. No one questioned how well
they worked or what contribution they made or did not make to the procedure and the patient outcome, nor were they suitable for using post-procedure due to their causing stinging and irritation.

The advent of Clinisept+ led to a complete re-think: the concept of a skin preparation that was more effective than existing chemistries, but which wascompletely skin and tissue compatible was an eyebrow raiser—and, hugely appealing. The key to Clinisept+ is its high purity and stabilised hypochlorous formulation which represents a significant leap forward from existing skin preparations.

Following its launch, Clinisept+ was rapidly adopted by leading practitioners and quickly hailed as a ‘gamechanger’. By the time it won the Aesthetics Product Innovation of The Year Award in 2017 it seemed as though the majority of the industry was already using it!

Skin hygiene
We are all covered in a skin flora comprising a variety of bacteria and microorganisms. While this flora stays on the outside of the skin, we live comfortably in symbiosis with it, as the skin is designed to keep these microorganisms out. Therefore, any procedure performed on the skin risks penetration by the microorganisms in the dermal layer and potentially can cause problems or infections. Even the least invasive procedures such as hair removal present the opportunity for microbial invasion, so whatever the procedure, an effective cleanser and antimicrobial is used before commencing treatment. The more invasive the procedure, the more important it is to ensure optimum hygiene, but infections can take advantage and flourish in even the least invasive procedure.

Traditional skin cleaners (chlorhexidine, alcohol, iodine) achieved this by poisoning the microorganisms on the skin. The challenge for these chemistries, however, has always been achieving a balance between being as effective as possible but without their toxicity causing redness, irritation and sensitisation to the skin. As a result, they have always been
compromised in how effective they are and how skin compatible they can be.

The arrival of Clinisept+ changed this overnight. Instead of a toxic action, Clinisept+ uses a highly effective oxidising method of action, which laboratory testing proved delivered significantly higher levels of skin hygiene than traditional skinpreparations. Remarkably though, the Clinisept+ chemistry causes no harm to mammalian skin cells: Clinisept+ has a skin neutral pH and is non-irritant, nontoxic and even non-cytotoxic (non-toxic to individual skin cells). This meant that

Clinisept+ could be applied as liberally as desired, even to sensitive skin, without stinging or irritation. It also presents no danger to mucous membranes or the inner ear and is classified as non-irritant to eyes—all qualities that embarrass traditional skin preparations. It is no exaggeration to say that this combination of characteristics gave the
medical industry a whole new perspective on skin hygiene and Clinisept+ quickly became the only skin preparation to be endorsed by both the JCCP and World Aesthetic Complications Expert Group.

Skin preparation that can be used as aftercare
Clinisept+ is so skin-compatible that it is the only skin preparation that can also be used post-procedure to keep the skin clean and provide the perfect conditions for natural healing without any stinging or irritating. Many leading practitioners use Clinisept+ in this way and report significantly accelerated and better-quality skin recovery as well as reduced patient
downtime. As a result, Clinisept+ has a burgeoning list of surgical advocates and it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see Clinisept+ in both private and NHS hospitals for the purpose of skin preparation in theatre as well as for athome post-operative use as an aftercare.

“As a plastic surgeon, Clinisept+ has been a game changer in the aesthetics industry. I use and trust Clinisept+ in all of my aesthetic procedures—and it delivers excellent results. It causes no skin irritation when preparing the skin and when used by my patients as an aftercare it significantly improves the speed and quality of recovery”. Paul Banwell FRCS.

Clinisept+’s remarkable growth is a real testament to how innovative its chemistry is. It is a gamechanger and has now become a byword in skin hygiene. Whilst there are many innovations in the aesthetics sector, we cannot think of another that has brought such sweeping change, and improvement in standards to our industry. As one very famous aesthetics practitioner recently said, if you’re not using Clinisept+, you’re not doing it properly.

We welcome the latest product from the Clinisept+ team, Clinisoothe+

As with Clinisept+, Clinisoothe+ benefits from the same advanced hypochlorous technology, however, rather than being used as a skin preparation, Clinisoothe+ should form part of your daily skincare regimen to clean and protect the skin from the exposomes and pollutants of daily life. Clinisoothe+ is ideal for all types of skin, it is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, with powerful antimicrobial protection. Its proprietary hypochlorous solution is free from alcohol, parabens, sulphates, preservatives, colourants and fragrance.

In the words of leading London skin care expert Pam Marshall, “If there is one product you need, it’s Clinisoothe+—it is probably the single greatest product I‘ve ever used.”

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