New Training Opportunities With Wigmore

Wigmore Medical announces the launch of new training courses to reinvigorate your professional skillset

Having recently obtained registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Wigmore Training is proud to offer safe and effective training in a facility that meets all the fundamental standards of care. With this newly acquired status, Wigmore Training will be launching a training course for Thread Lifting, a treatment in high demand as a non-surgical alternative to the facelift. This introductory level threads course will provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence to deliver a non-surgical face lift safely and effectively.

Led by Dr Ivona Igerc, an experienced expert in threads and aesthetics, the day will cover the theory of threads and closely supervised hands-on practice. Ideal for doctors, dentists or prescribing nurses that are new to the treatment, or looking for a refresher, this gold standard threads training course is not to be missed.

“We provide quality training supported by current evidence-based research and industry experts”

New skincare training
If you are a non-medical professional, worry not… we have something new and exciting for you too! We know the importance of understanding anatomy when delivering injectable treatments, but what about skincare?  Wigmore is launching an online training module, led by Nurse Prescriber Kate Vines, and designed to offer a valuable Introduction to Skin Anatomy. Ideal for those looking to brush up on their knowledge of skin anatomy and physiology, cellular functions and commonly encountered skin conditions.

Another new course we will be offering, is the highly sought-after Introduction to Skin of Colour. Led by Dr Mukta Sachdev—an internationally recognised expert in the field. This online training module will provide practitioners with the knowledge and recommended protocols for treating various skin conditions, tailored specifically to skin of colour.

Our core values
Wigmore Training provides high-quality training supported by current evidence-based research and industry experts. Our educational services go beyond the training course itself, offering post-training support relating to the treatments, products, and business advice. We encourage aesthetic practitioners to be the best, providing the means to enhance knowledge and skills with our extensive training portfolio. We hope to welcome you on one of our next training courses soon!
Wigmore Medical announces the launch of new training courses to reinvigorate your professional skillset
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Meet our new course leaders

Dr Mukta Sachdev
Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Sachdev is a Consultant Dermatologist and Head of the Department of Dermatology in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. She also runs a private boutique dermatology practice and is Medical Director of MSCR Pvt Ltd, a specialised dermatology research centre for dermatology skin trials in darker skins. Dr Sachdev is regarded as a global expert in skin of colour, cosmetic dermatological procedures and lasers for skin of colour.

Dr Ivona Igerc
Aesthetic Doctor
Since graduating from the University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 2000, Dr Ivona has been workingin the dental and medical aesthetic fields. Dr Ivona has spoken at international conferences, published two booksand run workshops in the fields of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. She has a keen interest in stem cells and their regenerative properties, and is currently involved in therapeutic applications derived from adipose cells.

Kate Vines
Nurse Prescriber
Kate Vines studied for an adult nursing BSc at Salford University in 2009 and since then has gained a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, primarily for the NHS. She has carried her desire for helping people over to the aesthetics industry, where her caring and compassionate nature has proved invaluable. Kate believes aesthetic medicine is more than just injectables—it’s about people. She has also further developed her passion for skincare.
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