Wigmore News meets Francesca Coleman

Head Practitioner and Educator for Skin Doctor Clinics UK

Why do you use ZO Skin Health products?
The results ZO Skin Health products bring to my patients’ skin by far surpasses any other brand I’ve worked with. I’ve seen so many impressive skin changes just from using the ZO fundamentals alone. Then when we combine that alongside our leading treatments in the clinics, we really offer our clients the best they can find out there. The skincare market is massively saturated with so many products that barely touch the skins surface, leaving patients often confused with what to go for. By offering ZO Skin Health products, it allows us to confidently offer a medical grade product with the scientific notes to prove this can work— and from experience it really does.

Who does the range best suit and why?
Personally, I have seen ZO Skin Health work wonders for acne patients. Their oil control pads, exfoliating cleanser and dual action scrub are a personal favourite of mine. Acne is such a challenging, chronic skin condition. We have to really understand how our skin functions and try and find the root cause of this skin condition, then we can prescribe what we believe is the best skincare to help.

Which are your must-have products and why?
My ZO must have products are of course the fundamental original five! Exfoliating cleanser is a superb cleanser—one I find hard to beat. Oil control pads are incredible for cutting through oil and bacteria combined with dual action scrub to help to slough off those dead skin cells. Daily power defence is amazing for the DNA repair most skin cells need. Then finish with daily sheer SPF for the best sun protection.

"The results ZO Skin Health products bring to my patients' skin by far surpasses any other brand I've worked with. I've seen so many impressive skin changes just from using the ZO fundamentals alone"

Do you use ZO personally? Which products?
Yes, I used ZO personally. I couldn’t live without it. Whenever I travel it has to be by my side—I can’t go a day without it. Especially the oil control pads. I have always struggled with acne since been a teenager and ZO is the only product that I have used which has kept this at bay without having to reach for antibiotics. For this reason, it’s going to remain in my toiletry bag.

How does ZO complement the aesthetic treatmentsyou offer?
As a brand we offer the best aesthetic treatments out there. We study the market closely and make sure we are offering our patients the newest technology and clinical treatment. We also understand treatment alone will never be enough. This is why it’s such an honour to be able to prescribe ZO skin health alongside our clinical treatments. If our patients see us monthly yet they’re using a high-grade medical product at home twice per day, the results from clinical treatment will be so much better.

What is your favourite aesthetic treatment to perform and why?
I’m really enjoying performing the Splendor Lumenis M22 Photofabulous treatment at the moment. The results from this combination of IPL and non-ablative fractional laser are incredible. When you combine the use of both wavelengths together, the difference this can make to your skin health and the outcome is great. They are quite the dynamic duo and can be used to treat so many skin concerns such as pigment, acne, texture and anti-ageing.

What is your signature approach when it comes to treating your patients?
My signature approach when it comes to treating patients, is to ignore the before and after. I often think patients get fixated on what they may look like straight after a treatment. Personally, I believe if we do our best to increase the skin health of our patients, educate them in how they can utilise all our experience to repair their skin as much as possible, the before and after photo they expect will come in time. Alongside much healthier skin in the present and future.

What do you enjoy most about working in aesthetics?
Working in aesthetics is such a privilege. Improving and maintaining clients skin health can sometimes be life changing for people. I have worked for Skin Doctor clinics for 12 years and have such a great set of colleagues and patients who have become more like friends. Women live in a tough world, holding down jobs, raising children, our expectations are high. If we can work together, help each other and polish each other’s crowns, it simply makes our lives easier!

What do you think are the industry trends to watch?
Industry trends to watch I believe are lip dissolving and subtle refilling. Buccal fat reduction and of course ultimate skin health with less injections. More preventative treatments are the way forward.

What are the future plans for your and your practice?
We have some really exciting new treatments coming to the clinic. We will start to offer PRP soon alongside all our other treatments we already offer. Research shows offering PRP alongside needling, Morpheus8 etc long term is showing really positive signs so this is definitely in our sight. We’ve also just updated all our lasers and radio frequency devices. The Lumenis M22 for skin rejuvenation has been amazing. The NUERA Tite radio frequency device is one of the newest on the market and is providing us with great skin tightening results.

How does working with Wigmore complement your business, and why?
Wigmore is a great company to work alongside. They provide our staff with great training, education and hold the best products on the market.

Francesca Coleman is Head Practitioner and Educator for Skin Doctor Clinics UK. A skin expert and mother of two girls.
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