Microneedling with XCellarisPRO TWIST

Hosted by Faye Aston

About the Course

Course Summary

This one-day training course offers an introduction to microneedling, with a particular focus on the XCellarisPRO TWIST device from Dermaroller GmbH. 

Important: The training booking fee (£350) will be redeemable against the purchase of the device. 

Known as the pioneer of microneedling and the mastermind of modern skincare concepts, Dermaroller GmbH stands for competence and innovation in medical technology. The TWIST device is the next generation of microneedling after the Genuine Dermaroller eDermastamp (EDS, first-generation) won the Best Product Innovation of Aesthetics award in 2013/14. 

The TWIST device from Dermaroller GmBH is the least invasive microneedling device currently on the market; it builds upon the strong foundations of the original Dermaroller with newly added features like adjustable needle penetration, ergonomic design, powerful angular gear motor, and active needle retrieval. All of these features aid in stimulating the production of new and strong collagen, which improves skin tone, thickens the epidermis, and reduces the appearance of facial scars. 

With many studies having been carried out to prove its usefulness and clinical safety, the TWIST device is a class IIa medically certified product in Europe. After a round of treatment with this device, the epithelial function is restored, resulting in a very short regeneration phase – this method of action is called “Collagen Induction Therapy” (CIT). The post-treatment procedure utilities two main ‘hero’ ingredients, among many others, named Matrixyl 3000 and Copper Tripeptide-1, which have been proven in studies to be effective anti-ageing agents. Due to the optimal number of needles used, only light pressure is necessary to puncture the skin, therefore avoiding uncontrolled damage of the skin. 

Designed for the treatment room, genuine microneedling offers over six unique treatments for the face and body including the treatment of hyperpigmentation, dry skin, skin tightening on the face, neck, and body, hair loss (by stimulating hair follicles), reducing ageing skin and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, striae distensae and acne scarring. With a higher medical level it can also provide treatment of disease and injury-related skin changes, especially atrophic and hypertrophic scars such as mature hypertrophic scars and burn scars.

In combination with recommended XCellarisPRO home-care products and concepts, by treating the stratum corneum, the penetrating amount of an active ingredient increases by more than 1000%. This is suitable for all skin types and takes your client’s skin to the next level of health, efficiently fighting any signs of ageing, blemished skin, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and enlarged pores. 

Key Learning Objectives

Attendees of this training will learn: 

+ History of the genuine dermaroller
+ Collagen induction therapy
+ Benefits of micro-needling for patients
+ Medical devices and applications
+ Homecare rollers and product selection for the best outcomes
+ Functions of the XCellarisPRO TWIST and how to use the device

Who can attend this training?

This training is suitable for Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Dental Nurses and Aestheticians NVQ level 3 or above

How will you be assessed?

Delegates must pass the Recap Quiz at the end of the training session with at least a 75% pass mark.

During the practical session, the trainer will be assessing the delegate’s competency and skill with regards to:
- Model consultation
- Assessing the areas to treat
- Selecting the correct protocol and products required
- Adequate sterilisation of the trolley and Xcellaris pro Twist device
- Safety & efficacy of procedure 
- Maintaining an aseptic technique throughout

Anyone not meeting these standards will be asked to re-train or will simply not be certified in this treatment, depending on the level of incompetency.

Treatment Models

Delegates are encouraged to bring their own treatment models, and must email with their model’s details (Full Name, Date of Birth, Email Address & Phone Number) so that the model can be registered and sent all the relevant information and material for the training session. If you cannot bring your own model, please inform the training department with at least 5 day’s notice so that a suitable model can be sourced for you. 

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Course Dates

Meet the Trainer


Faye Aston

Microneedling Trainer

Faye Aston has been working in the aesthetics industry for nearly 15 years and has held various roles from Aesthetician, Practice Manager, Auditor and in most recent years National Training Manager for the UK's largest dermatology clinics. She has recently joined Dermaroller as International Training Manager having worked with the Dermaroller products for the past +10years, and is very experienced in the treatment and the products. She will be working in partnership with Wigmore Medical to deliver training and redevelop the training Internationally for Dermaroller and support distributors worldwide.

Course Agenda

DateTime  26 Jun 2023   |   User  Faye Aston

  • 10:00   |   Welcome & Registration
  • 10:15   |   Introduction to microneedling
  • 11:00   |   Tea & Coffee Break
  • 11:15   |   Medical & aesthetic indications
  • 11:30   |   Introduction to the XCellarisPRO TWIST device & skincare products
  • 12:00   |   Lunch Break
  • 12:30   |   Consultation & treatment planning
  • 13:00   |   Hands-on practice for delegates
  • 13:00   |   Practical demonstration
  • 16:00   |   Close

Additional Details

  • Maximum class size: 5
  • Delegate qualifications: GMC/GDC/NMC or NVQ Level 3+
  • CPD points: 6

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Course Summary

Microneedling with XCellarisPRO TWIST

Free training if you purchase the device

DateTime  Faye Aston
DateTime  26 Jun 2023 ,10:00- 16:00   Change Date
CPD points:  6
LocationIcon  21 Wigmore Street, London-W1U 1PJ, W1U 1PJ
Price Tag   £ 350
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