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Demand for thread treatments has increased steadily over the last couple of years due to the rise of webinar platforms such as Zoom, which has made many patients much more conscious of how they look. Wigmore Medical are delighted to offer a brand-new introductory course providing health care professionals new to this protocol with the know-how and confidence to offer a safe and effective non-surgical face lift.

This course will cover the anatomy pertinent to thread indications in the mid and lower face, as well as best practice to achieve the optimum results for your patients. Clinical studies and complication management tips will also be included. This training comprises of a comprehensive online anatomy module, followed by a full day of training at Wigmore Medical, including a 90-minute educational presentation and a practical session treating live models.


What will this course cover?


Online Anatomy Module


A compulsory online module for anyone that signs up for threads training, the cost of which is included in the threads training booking fee. 

  • 9 Chapters: Bones / Ligaments / Facial Muscles / Innervation of Facial Muscles / Fat Pads / Blood Vessels / Irrigation / Ageing & Summary / Demonstration
  • Total duration of 1.5 hours
  • Assessment questionnaire to be completed and returned to at least three days prior to training 
  • Continued access for 3 weeks after the practical training session
  • Option to purchase the video and have unlimited access is available for an extra £150 – please email if interested


Theory & Practical Training Day


  • 90-minute educational presentation
  • Live trainer demonstration
  • 4 hours of supervised hands-on practice for delegates

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain a thorough understanding of PDO threads and how they work
  • Understand why not all threads are the same–PDO, PLLA, PP
  • Recognise which threads to be used for mid and lower face thread lift
  • Learn facial anatomy and thread placement vectors for optimum safety
  • Develop patient assessment – managing expectations and thread selection
  • Learn best practice and techniques for the mid & lower face
  • Master complication avoidance and management
  • Understand post treatment management


Your treatment model


Each delegate is required to bring their own model, and a quick video consultation will be arranged so that the trainer can assess their suitability for the treatment.   


Once you have booked onto an upcoming training date, please email the below details of your treatment model to,  

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Location (e.g. City/Town)
  • Images of Face – Front & Profile 

If approved, your model will then be sent a confirmation email with further details including their allocated time slot and digital consent form.  


Who can attend this training?


This training is suitable for doctors, dentists or nurse prescribers that are registered with the GMC, GDC or NMC and already have some experience with aesthetic treatments. Non-UK based medical prescribers will be considered if they are able to provide proof of equivalent medical registration in their countries of origin.


How will you be assessed?


Delegates must have passed the anatomy training Q&A assessment with at least a 75% pass mark at least three days prior to the practical session.

During the practical session, the trainer will be assessing the delegate’s competency and skill with regards to:

-        Model consultation

-        Assessing their facial anatomy

-        Selection of insertion points

-        Adequate sterilisation

-        Safety & efficacy of procedure 


Anyone not meeting these standards will be asked to re-train or will simply not be certified in this treatment, depending on the level of incompetency.


Why should you attend this training?


This threads module offers a comprehensive introduction to a variety of PDO treatments that will enhance your aesthetic offering.

Ideal for:

1)    Those new to using PDO threads

2)    Those wanting a refresher in a relaxed peer to peer environment

The training is led by Dr Ivona Igerc, a very experienced practitioner who has spent 15 years living and working in Asia where threads are the first line of defence in aesthetic medicine. Dr Igerc has a passion for threads and her immense skill and knowledge will ensure attending practitioners will leave feeling well informed and confident to undertake these treatments in their daily aesthetic practice.

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Threads–Mid & Lower Face

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