Wigmore Medical Drop Shipment

Deliver expert skincare to your clients at home

Wigmore Medical is launching a new drop shipment service so that you can continue to support your clients, as you now can’t see them in-clinic.

Skincare products can be shipped directly to your patients, so they can maintain treatment results in the comfort of their own homes. Orders can be placed online or with Customer Services for all skincare and makeup ranges, and you can edit the addresses you would like to use for shipping, regardless of the number of destinations for delivery. To keep things simple and to avoid delivery costs we ask for payment upfront, taken over the phone by a member of customer services team. 

We are here to support you and your business, and endeavour to find innovative solutions so that you can provide ongoing treatment and care during this time and beyond.


When we send out drop shipments to your patients, we include a delivery note which sets out the products being sent out (no prices), the patient name and delivery address, as well as your account’s invoice name and address so that it is clear who has arranged the order. If you would prefer not to have a delivery note included, please let us know and we can send out the order without any documentation.