Maintaining Good Form

Dr Massimiliano Leporati was in London in June for FACE 2022 where he held a live injection session for Vivacy—he shares his expert advice here

Dr Massimiliano Leporati is a Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgeon with an expertise in advanced aesthetic medicine procedures and International KOL for VIVACY. Dr Leporati splits his time between Italy, Europe and South America. He was in London in June for FACE 2022 where he held a live injection session and let us in on his expert tips! 

1.  Starting with the structure 
The Ferrari, although it is from the 60’s ages like fine wine, because the structure, the framework of the car is good and harmonious. A good framework ages gracefully and beautifully. Maybe I just need to take care of my car, polish it, look after it, protect it, but it will remain beautiful. On the other hand, the Fiat Panda from 1984 is only 27 years old but the structure is not good enough, so it ages badly. Youth is nothing without a structure. It goes the same way with the face. So, when injecting a patient, it is very important to keep the framework in mind. The framework is everything and is what changes the appearance of the face.
The temple is an interesting example in this respect, because it is an area often overlooked by patients and even physicians, to the benefits of cheeks and lips. However, sunken temples can make the face look much harder and masculine. Injecting the temples with STYLAGE XL will make the face look more relaxed and feminine, but also will lift the face a little bit. This way, you can achieve rejuvenation and beautification at the same time.

2.  Understanding the ageing process. 
We all have seen some celebrities whose face have been overfilled.  It is important to understand that ageing is not a loss of volume but a disorganisation of the tissues.  For example, fat will appear in the nasolabial fat compartment, under the eyes, in the neck.   Understanding this will allow the physician to choose the best treatment plan accordingly to the patient’s facial characteristics. Lifting elegantly and gently the midface a little bit by injecting the upper temporalis region and the cheekbone will lift the midface and enhance the beauty of the face.

3.  Thinking about the dynamics of the face. 
When injecting a youthful face like this 35-year-old patient, it is important to keep in mind that our face is constantly moving. I recommend to always inject from top to bottom and from lateral to medium in order to be natural and obtain favourable results in terms of dynamics. In this case, I lift the midface injecting the upper temporalis region with STYLAGE XL and I volumise the flat part in the cheekbone and the midface. This creates an imaginary line from the top to the bottom for a very elegant well-designed cheekbone.
The patient had a nice jawline, so I didn’t want to exaggerate her feature here. Nevertheless, we can give it some definition. This treatment plan allows safe, natural and effective results.

4.  The last word 
The key to achieve safe and successful rejuvenation and beautification by lifting the face a little bit is to work with the anatomy and think about the specific cephalometric characteristics of the patient we have in front of us.

Lifting the midface and defining the jawline of a 35 year old patient using STYLAGE XL

To see and the result of the live injection in video:
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