Introduction to Toxins & Fillers
“Really delighted with course and trainer”  
- Naomi Silva Costa (RSN)
“Thank you for putting together yet another well planned and executed training session. Truly very grateful for the level of professionalism you put into your role and for not using the standard cookie cutter approach! It's always such a pleasure to come down to Wigmore for the training sessions as I always end up learning so much. Thank you for making my monies worth!”  
- Farha Kassam (RSN)
‘Just a note to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help last week, and indeed in helping me organise things beforehand, very much appreciated! Great presenters and the courses were just right”  
- Dr L Hall
“Thank you for the well organised courses. I found all the speakers and days most informative”.  
- Dr N Mahmood
“The standard of the training provided was absolutely excellent. I would highly recommend this course and the trainer.”.  
- Dr E Cahill-Canning
“Superb course. Many thanks Huw!”.  
- Dr E Blakeway
“I really enjoyed all days. Speakers were excellent at giving presentations about chemical peels, HA fillers and Botulinum toxin. Both Lorna and Huw were very experienced in the procedures and keen to offer further support and advice if necessary when we are up and running our own practices. I found the small groups and informal interactive teaching highly enjoyable with lots of practical advice and hands on experience with the models.”  
- Dr A Kapoor
“An excellent day. Thank you.”  
- Dr V Jollifre
“Another good Wigmore course”  
- Dr A Hemming
“I really enjoyed the QMED day. The hands-on training was excellent and I feel enthused and confident to get started! Teresa supervised really well and was very supportive.”  
- Dr A Kapoor
- Ms B Newson (RGN)
“Great day!”  
- Dr R Parekh
“Absolutely brilliant! Thank you all”  
- Mr C Worth
“Excellent course. Presenter was approachable and knowledgeable. I was nervous about practical session but felt well supported by trainer”  
- Ms H Burgess (RGN)
“It was excellent! I will suggest this course to my friends in the business.”  
- Kathy Abbott (RSN)
“Huw is guarantee for an excellent educational session!”  
- Dr U Gout
“Probably the most beneficial course i‘ve done in 20 years! Just wish I‘d done it earlier.”  
- Dr A McClure
“Very helpful and useful. Much needed.”  
- Ms C Worboyes (RSN)
“Excellent, with a high degree of emphasis on practising.”  
- Dr S Good
“I did my Basic training for injectable toxins and fillers in 2004 with Wigmore Medical. When it was the time for advanced training I did not have to look anywhere else. Wigmore was my first choice. It was very informative. Superb! Definitely recommend it”  
- Dr S Salimi
“Fantastic course. Very hands-on”.  
- Ms A Robertson
“I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. The course was outstanding and good fun and I learnt a huge amount”.  
- Dr C Hajistilly
“This was another training course with Dr Joney De Souza which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor with many years’ experience in aesthetic industry and he is happy to share all pros and cons of procedures. His passion for making you a really good professional is visible from the beginning to the end of the training. I started my aesthetic training somewhere else but later on had one at Wigmore. I stayed with them to the advanced level and I have never regretted it. Especially when I hear what students from others academies are saying. If you want to be good, be trained by Masters. Once again Thank you, Wigmore.” –  
- Ewa Simelane RNP
(Crystal Clinic, Essex)
“Great staff. Nice venue. Excellent handouts. Would recommend to others.”  
- Sharon Sherriff RNP
(Orchid Aesthetics Ltd, Sunderland)
“He was amazing, and a lovely guy.”  
- Susan Ellwood RNP
(The Southlands Centre, Middlesborough)
“Thank you soooo much for your help, you are the best!”  
- Dr A Roszyk
“I found the Sculptra course at Wigmore Medical, in London to be better than nearly every other course I've been on. Not only did I get my theory knowledge reinforced, I had lots and lots of valuable hands on practical experience, which is where the real learning happens.”  
- Caroline Tye
(North Wood Clinic (London))
“Today‘s course was great. All the information I needed and great tutor. Made everything seem easy!”  
- Ms S Rhodes (RSN)
“Thank you. Very interesting and informative. Very interactive in terms of being able to ask questions etc”.  
- Gail Addison (RSN)
“The course was perfect! Thank you”  
- M Chiosea
“Anybody considering starting a practice in micro sclerotherapy and facial telangiectasia treatment should definitely attend this course. The course manuals are extremely detailed, well laid out and easy to digest. The interactive teaching on the day is very informal and friendly. The supervised practical sessions allow delegates enough practice to become comfortable with the techniques. Following the course, I feel very confident and can't wait to start seeing clients. Thank you very much, Dr Gajraj.”  
- Dr P Burgess
“Very useful course. Hard to improve”  
- Dr M Engel
“Small group size makes it a great course”  
- Dr A Goyal
“The course is excellent in every way. We had a very good trainer and good course material. We had lots of models to work with, both first timers and follow-ups. Practical part of the course was excellent with very good supervision and advice. In just one day I gained a lot of knowledge and had a great time!”  
- Dr C Scicluna
“This has been a thoroughly informative, interesting and practical day. We have been given plenty of support and instruction to enable us to feel confident in performing these treatments. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering. Many thanks, Dr Gajraj. It was great.”  
- Ms L Rose (RGN)
“Very good course”  
- Dr M Saif
“Informative and great in terms of hands-on”  
- Dr R Hamdy
“I came on a day with 2 delegates and 4 models, so we had a great variety of experience in practical injection techniques. Nice, relaxed, yet professional environment in which to learn new skills. A great one day course that will equip me with the necessary skills to introduce sclerotherapy to my medical aesthetic clinic.”  
- Dr J Ward
“So enjoyable, especially with small class size and hands-on”  
- Ms K Hayes
“Huw‘s a great trainer. Patient and very knowledgeable”  
- Ms G Franklin (RGN)
“Huw was extremely patient with practitioners who initially were obviously struggling with the practical aspects of the course. He nurtured their confidence and I am sure they returned home able to carry out the procedures safely. I was both a course attendee and a model. Huw was very attentive during the procedures and as a result was happy to be a model.”  
- Dr Carolyn Green
“I just want to say thank you for organising the course on Friday 12th June 2015 and would like to thank Huw for all his help. He is an amazing lecturer. The content of the course was 10/10. The hands on training was tops. I look forward for attending more training courses with Huw Jones. Thank you again.”  
- Dr Tamer Alaredy
“I felt Dr Huw Jones made both trainers and models feel relaxed. Dr Jones is very approachable and happy to answer queries/questions.”  
- Elizabeth Hunter INP
“Fantastic training on Saturday (PDO threads with Dr Huw Jones), really enjoyed it – Thank You! I did a threads training with another well known training company earlier this year, but Huw’s training was a step-up, showed how versatile threads can be, much better training.”  
- Sarah Buckley RN NIP
((Atlas Cosmetic Medicine))
“One of the best presenters/ trainers I ever met. I had attended a lot of various courses on dermatology congresses in USA and Europe. After Dr Jones’ courses I feel confident to start my own cosmetic dermatology practice. He is an absolutely brilliant teacher!”  
- Dr Anna Choczaj-Kukula
“My skin surface is 100% improved and my face is looking much fresher and more youthful. I can’t remember ever feeling this confident with my face!”  
- Victoria Woodcock (training course model)
“Dear Sam, It was an immense honour to meet you. You are the most inspirational and passionate teacher I have ever had the honour of being taught by.”  
- Dr Rose Kogie-Henshall
“Dear Dr Sam, Thank you very much for 2 great educational days, I really learnt a lot and I enjoy the science behind the topic. I hope to put my new knowledge into practice and I will be sure to keep in contact, for further advice and training!”  
- Dr Matt Garnett
“Thank you for you invitation to join the Facebook forum. Also, may I say that the ZO course was excellent with Dr Sam. I have learned so much and have spent the last two days going through my notes and reading all the information given to us. I need to do further reading and research before I order any products, but, feel this is the way forward.”  
- Gillian Lamb
“I have researched many of the other providers offering PRP training courses as well as Dr Daniel Sister’s Dracula PRP course . I just had a gut feeling that this was the right course for me and I was not disappointed!. I feel my training with Dr Sister has ‘Ground Substance’ pardon the pun!, and in conjunction with Wigmore Medical my certificate of training has a bit of prestige. I have purchased the best bit of kit… fantastic knowledge and I am confident of great results…Thank you very much for making me so welcome and providing  an excellent training day. Also a big Thank You to Dr De Souza who assisted Dr Sister…..He was just fabulous too! I will definitely book onto another course with Wigmore Medical Training.  
- Joanna Bartholomew
“I was trained in January 2014 by Dr Sister in London in Dracula PRP therapy. The training was very informative with lots of practical and theoretical information to take away. He delivered a relaxed session and welcomed interruptions for questions, something I took advantage of as my learning style is more interactive discussion, and wasn’t threatened at all by this. I have since bought the centrifuge and kits as I was so impressed. I am sure this will be the next big thing in aesthetics and am excited for the ongoing discovery of its benefits. Well done and thank you”  
- Andrea Bath
(Blyth, Northumberland)
“Dr Jones is truly the best trainer I have ever come across in this industry. I have been to so-called big names for training courses, but he is truly something else! You’ve got a gem. Don’t let him go”  
- Dr Dallel Sayoud
Fantastic course with great demonstrator… learnt everything I need to know to go straight into safely providing the treatment for my own patients.. Thank you!  
- Dr Sarah Takroni