Introduction to Anatomy - Introductory

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  • 07-Mar-2022

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Course introduction/summary:

Introduction to Anatomy is an online training module that is designed to equip medical practitioners with the most up-to-date knowledge of anatomy and how it is applied to medical aesthetic treatments. 

Led by renowned trainer and plastic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah, this short course offers a valuable introduction to anatomy, covering basic underlying concepts for aesthetic practice. The main areas of the upper and mid face will be discussed focusing on age related changes.

We believe that the majority of anatomical texts available are not current, may be inconsistent in detail, and are not tailored specifically to aesthetics.

If you are a doctor, dentist or nurse just starting out in the medical aesthetic sector, then this is the perfect introduction to anatomy, providing you with the detailed knowledge required to deliver a safe standard of aesthetic treatments to cosmetic patients.

Learning objectives:

Attendees will discover how to plan treatments in relation to the topographical anatomy of the upper and mid-face, as well as gain insight into the age-related changes. On completion of this course, delegates will know how to plan treatments with an awareness of danger layers in anatomical areas, ensuring they can formulate appropriate strategies to safely and effectively place products.

Who is this training for? 

This training is for doctors, dentists or nurses that are just starting out in aesthetics.

Why attend this particular training?

This training comprises a blended analytic approach, discussing the current literature surrounding facial anatomy and ageing. After attending this session, you can plan further detailed courses, combined with a practical component involving dissection of facial anatomy in relation to your practice. Introduction to Anatomy has been designed to provide you with an approach to non-surgical treatments, and give you more awareness of the facial anatomy to plan safer treatments.

Course agenda:

o   Anatomy: Intro concepts

o   Reasons for Anatomical Knowledge in Aesthetics

o   Intro to 4 P’s in Aesthetics

o   Anatomy : Beauty: Form and Function

o   Layers in Anatomy

o   Discussion of Anatomical areas & general concepts

How do I join this training? 

After registering, you will receive an email confirming that your booking is complete.

Another email will then be sent 24 hours prior to the training, with the sign-up link to join the online session.

£ 200
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Other Info
  • Maximum class size: 50
  • Delegate qualifications: Delegate qualifications: GMC/GDC/NMC Registration Number (Within EU)
  • CPD points: 2
  • Training location: Virtual
  • Duration of training: This online module will take two hours to complete
Course Date
  • 18:00Anatomy: Intro concepts
  • 18:15Reasons for Anatomical Knowledge in Aesthetics
  • 18:30Intro to 4 P’s in Aesthetics
  • 18:45Anatomy : Beauty: Form and Function
  • 19:00Layers in Anatomy
  • 19:15Discussion of Anatomical areas & general concepts
  • 19:30Close