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The Advanced Toxins and Fillers Lower Face training day is delivered by Dr Raul Cetto. This is an intensive and educational hands-on day for any aesthetic professional who wants to go beyond the basic toxins and fillers stage, and has a particular interest in mastering techniques for treating the lower and mid face. 

This advanced training session will focus on:

  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Masseter
  • Corner of mouth
  • Labiomental crease
  • Peri oral lines
  • Lip enhancement
  • Platysmal bands
  • Neck skin boosting
  • Hyperhidrosis (axillar, palmar, plantar)
  • Décolletage
  • Midface

Our aim is to give you the skills to assess your own patients. As there are so many variations on individual anatomy, we review which products to use and at what depth of dermis, before going through the most frequently requested anatomical areas of the lower face. To maximise hands-on time during these somewhat intense sessions, we will send you the course slides prior to your training day and request a prompt start. You are encouraged to bring your own models, but please inform us in advance if you will, otherwise we will provide them for you. Class size is a maximum of six, to ensure all delegates get enough practice and one-on-one supervision from the trainer. 

If you are interested in learning techniques for treating the upper face, including tear troughs, please register for our Advanced Toxins and Fillers Upper Face training day. 


Both advanced courses will cover the following topics:

- Advanced face anatomy for injections and risk areas

- Dos and Don’ts (good practice, health and safety, consenting)

- Selecting the right product, volume and injection technique

- Analysis of areas (ageing process and dynamic lines, treatment challenges)

- Complications and their management

- Case studies – delegates to select one patient that they have treated or that they would like to treat and have found challenging (you can bring a picture on a USB stick or the patient as a model)

- The practical sessions will have two couches depending on numbers, with each delegate going through the model assessment, preparation and injection process with the trainer

- Latest evidence based medicine

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£ 1000
(inc VAT)
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Other Info
  • Maximum class size: 4
  • Delegate qualifications: GMC/GDC/NMC Registration Number (Within EU). Please contact us if you are outside of the EU but have relevant professional qualifications. You must have previous experience of treating at least 5 – 10 patients in toxins and/or fillers.
  • Models: If you are unable to provide a model, we will endeavour to find one on your behalf. However, we strongly encourage that you provide a model. Challenging cases are most welcome.
  • CPD points: 8
  • Important Notes & Experience

    Please make sure you have sufficient experience to attend this course

    We will email you a brief questionnaire before you are admitted:

    • You must display full control of the injectable used, at least in the areas that you were trained on (e.g. fillers – lips and nasolabial folds)
    • You should have been actively injecting for the six months prior to the course
    • You must have previous experience of treating at least 10 – 20 patients in toxins and/or fillers.

    The dermal filler session offers training to two different sets of people depending on knowledge and expertise. If you are an established practitioner with plenty of hands-on experience and experience of using cannulas, then we would suggest you attend a session that includes treatment of Tear Troughs.

    On the other hand, if you are not quite at that level we would advise you attend a session that does NOT include Tear Troughs. Treatment of this area requires a high level of skill and experience of injectables, and for that reason we will not risk the safety of the live models.

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