Advanced Toxins and Fillers

21 Wigmore Street, London W1U 1PJ

Next Course date: 09/10/2016

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The Advanced Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®) for Facial Aesthetics and Dermal Fillers training course delivered by Dr Joney De Souza. This is an intensive and educational hands-on day for any aesthetic professional who wants to go beyond the basic toxins and fillers stage.

To maximise hands-on time during these somewhat intense sessions, we will send you the course slides prior to your training day and request a prompt start. You are encouraged to bring your own models. Class size is a maximum of six.


Both courses will cover the following topics:

-          Basic face anatomy for injections and risk areas

-          Dos and Don’ts (good practice, health and safety, consenting)

-          Selecting the right product, volume and injection technique

-          Analysis of areas (ageing process and dynamic lines, treatment challenges)

-          Complications and their management

-          Case studies – delegates to select one patient that they have treated or that they would like to treat and have found challenging (bring picture on USB stick or the patient as a model)

-          The practical sessions will have 2 or 3 couches depending on numbers, with each delegate going through the model assessment, preparation and injection process with the trainer.


For the Advanced Toxins course the following areas/conditions will be covered:

o   The usual three: glabella, frontalis & orbicularis oculi – challenges

o   Brow lift – 2 approaches

o   The challenging ‘crows feet’ and periocular

o   Nose: ‘bunny lines’, flaring and lift

o   Gummy smile

o    ‘Smokers’ lines’

o   Inverted corners of mouth

o   Teeth grinding & face ‘thinning’

o   Chin puckering, chin ‘inversion’ and chin contraction in overbite

o   ‘Nefertiti Lift’

o   Platysma Bands

o   Décolletage e ‘mesobotox’

o   Hyperhidrosis: axillary, hands, feet, face, back, etc.

o   Migraine

o   Other and new uses: skin oiliness and pore size; hair line


For the Advanced Fillers course the following modules covering specific areas will be covered:

o   Module: Mid-face (including cheeks and ‘lift’)

o   Module: Peri-Oral (including lips and chin)

o   Module: Peri-Orbital (including temples and tear troughs)



08:45 Introductions
09:00 Start with lecture
11:30 Live demonstration
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Hands-on sessions by delegates
17:00 Close


Date Description
6th August Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
27th August Dermal Fillers all day
20th September Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
9th October Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
17th October Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
21st October Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
6th November Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
25th November Botulinum Toxins all day
1st December Botulinum Toxins & Fillers
16th December Botulinum Toxins & Fillers


“I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. The course was outstanding and good fun and I learnt a huge amount.”

- Dr C Hajistilly (London)

Course Details


£900 (inc VAT)



9th October, 17th October, 21st October, 6th November, 25th November, 1st December, 16th December


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Class Size: 6

CPD points: 8

Delegate qualifications:

GMC/GDC/NMC Registration Number (Within EU). Please contact us if you are outside of the EU but have relevant professional qualifications.

You must have previous experience of treating at least 5 – 10 patients in toxins and/or fillers.

Models for practical sessions

If you are unable to provide a model, we will endeavour to find one on your behalf. However, we strongly encourage that you provide a model. Challenging cases are most welcome.

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